This is the army of apathy.

How many men will cease
to love
to hope?
How many men will see
will be
in this army of apathy
Oh, I don´t wanna stretch my legs
I don´t wanna move my feet
I´m in the army of apathy

Oh,I don´t wanna open my eyes
I don´t want any unpleasant surprise
Im in the army ,the army of apathy

How many men will fall
In this war of apathy?
How many children will
never know?
How many children we just let go,
to the army of apathy

I don´t wanna stretch my feet
I don´t wanna reach out my hands
I´m in the army,the army of apathy
I dont wanna raise my voice
I don´t wanna say " no this is wrong!"
I´m in the army, the army of apathy

We are trained to sleep
But I scream:
Wake up my soul!
Wake up my heart!
Wake up my voice!
Wake up my feet!
Wake up my body!
Wake up my mind!
I want out of this apathy, its got a hold on me
wake up!
I want out.
I´m not in any longer

You´ve got a hold of my soul
in the army of apathy
Its got a hold on me

How many men will loose it all
How many men will fall in this
war of apathy
it had a hold on me
I´m out.


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