hundre ting som gjer meg glad,

*trykk på bilete for å sjå det gigaekstrastort!*
(fyll inn sjølv-side frå hjartemagasinet)
gosh, dårleg scan. gidd ikkje.


  1. Så fin glad-glad liste :D

  2. Hi! I just saw your comment on Elsie's blog and wanted to let you know that you might find Jeremy's blog a useful resource for indie music business ideas. Elsie's 'Dream Job' course only has one specific post/session on indie music (written by Jeremy), so you may find his site more useful.

    Up to you, of course, but as the rest of Elsie's class is awesome for other indie biz creatives, it may not be quite what you are looking for. Hope you don't mind my saying, just thought you'd want to know :)


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