Oslo in my heart.

How can someone hate so much that they would kill innocent youth at a summer camp? Bomb buildings that represent our democracy? Something is seriously wrong with the world! My heart breaks and I cant help but crying. Is it terror? Is it a political statement? What is it? Bombing Oslo, shooting youth. Our peaceful country, what can people want from us? I cant ever imagine how the hatred in their minds work. How do these peoples minds work?

Norway haven`t seen anything like this since WW2. We need to bring forth our strong hearts, take care of  and love each other, support our government in their work now. Our freedom and love will win this. I wont return the hate. I wont be made a slave of fear. But it sure hurts! May God protect the innocent in this. And heal our hearts.


Both Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, and mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, says that we should not be led by fear. But let this make us stronger and prouder, more open to what we believe in.

"If I only could stand there myself, and let the youth live on, I would do it!"
-Fabian Stang, Mayor of Oslo.


  1. Ufattelig og ubegripelig:(
    SV;Så bra å høre:) gleder meg til å ta fatt på de begge to.=)

  2. Kjærlighet er det eneste svaret <3

    1. jaa jaa kansje du har rett!


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