Ipad drawings!

As you might have seen on my previous posts, I am using my new Ipad to draw. I find it exciting and fun, tho I'm not very good at it yet. Drawing on a touch sensitive surface with your fingers is something else than good old paper! And its also really different from drawing on the computer with a drawing tablet!
I am using the app sketchbook express, it cost about 40 nok, and is very user friendly. If you like to doodle and try new things,like me, I recommend it:)

This first one was my first attempt. I was surprised by the texture and flow in the brushes.


The portraits below are all unfinished, but I think you can see a slight improvement!

Il`l show you the final results when they are done..

This last one was made with Nymphadora from Harry Potter in my mind, but Now I see that it really looks more like Kate Winslet. Hmm
This is so much fun:)


  1. These are all so lovely! I have no idea how digital drawing even works but you've got such a great style coming through it =) x

  2. These are very pretty drawings! I like how the waves came out both a little rough and soft.

    I recently got my first tablet (just a basic one for drawing) and am still getting the hang of it so this is quite inspiring.


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