Dear international reader of this blog!

I have noticed in my statistics that people from all over the world stop by this blog. I think its very nice, and you are all very welcome here! But I have one tiny problem.. In the English page (up there in the tabs^) I tell you to use Google translator humorously if you have trouble understanding Norwegian.

I can`t really see why, because Norwegian is such a huge and international language. Right?

But really, don`t trust Google translator at all! I checked the translation of the About-tab out today, because as mentioned I noticed some traffic from the lovely translator tool that Google indeed is.But after checking, sigh,  I just wanted to emphasize this: Ask if you have questions, I could even translate for you!

Dear Google, I don`t care about your grammar. Surely we all make mistakes sometimes, you`re only thirteen after all. But still, I would appreciate it if you would not translate Snikksnakk (Chit Chat) into Boobs Show. I know, I know, you ARE thirteen years old, hopefully its just that stage..


  1. Hahah, Boobs show! "You then?"

  2. hehe,hr google er morsomt til tider!

  3. Haha, Google er tydeligvis en hormonbombe som får alt til å handle om pupper :D


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