little monsters INC.

Well, the other day I made a tutorial on how to make those paper-snowflakes from pre-school. Me and my brother had much fun looking at the patterns as they appeared on the paper. He commented on one : "it looks like a mad bull!"
And from that little outburst an idea grew in me. And the result?
A tiny little monster-factory. It reminds me of the days of design lectures in High School. A challenge to make something different within the same shapes repeatedly. I had fun.


  1. Hi Cindy:)

    I dont have any dates on my blogs, that is true. I dont know why, I just like it better that way!

    Thanks for commenting on my monsters, they liked it;)

    I have been thinking about Illustration friday, it sounds like fun. The only thing is that my days are quite busy, but still I dont have to make something every week either? Thanks for the tip, Ill look into it:)


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