This may be ugly. You are warned!

In my mind photos does not belong here on this blog. Im not a photographer, and Im not planning on becoming one, hehe. But after I got my camera, Ive had ideas that would transfer into this expression, rather than my usual creative techniques. I`ve also played with photo editing, and layered textures to the point where it almost resembles a painting or some kind of digital crossover piece.

This time I specifically had in mind something ugly, that would bring chills down my spine. I don`t have many models hanging around my house, so I used myself. I put white makeup on, so that I would have "a clean canvas" to work on. I had some ideas in mind, but as usual they seem to have a mind of their own.

In the middle of the editing, my program crashed! And I hadn't even saved the sketch! I was so mad, I wanted to throw my computer at the floor! But I took a deep breath and started over. Gah! Annoying, but oh so lovely technology. In the end I became quite freaked out, cause I could not even recognize myself in the pictures. But hey, that was my point!

paper thick:
I did this to challenge myself to think creative in a new way, and to push myself to work digital with photos.
The future is digital you know;)

any thougts?


  1. No thoughts, I'm rather speechless..

    1. Dei fleste redigerar seg jo finare med photoshop;) haha

  2. Jeg tenkte det var litt creepy, og du var i grunn ikke så veldig gjenkjennelig, men kunst er kunst! Likte det :)

    1. Ah, takk;) Eg hadde litt sommarfuglar i magen for å posta noko som ikkje var så veldig vakkert. Men eg var så dradd mot å dela kunsten min, sjølv når den var creepy!


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