Collecting: Boxes Pt 1

Inspired by the oh- so- wonderful Dainty Squid/Kaylah, (One of my favorite bloggers. Ever) I have decided to try something new! Introducing "Collecting" here on my blog, this will be posts about things I collect and treasure. So exciting!

Today I want to share something I have been collecting for a very long time! Tin boxes/jewelry boxes! Most of my boxes do contain jewelry (which I also collect, hm) But here are some of my favorites. I can`t take pictures of all of them! It would take all day! (Ill show you more in Pt 2)

From the top: Bought in Spain,  Got from my grandma when I was a kid, Flee market in Oslo, Cartagena Colombia. 
The best part about them is the memories I connect to them.
Lets look inside some!


  1. Mye fint <3

    SV: Jeg er så enig! Digger henne <3

  2. Åh, så mye fint! Og tusen takk for bloggtips, den var jo bare helt rå! Klem fra Anette :)

  3. Du har ikke lite! Jeg har et par, og de er fulle - selv om jeg ikke bruker smykker og sånt....


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