When in doubt; Make a list!

Maja, posted a list of 8 Facts about herself, and I just really liked to read it! So I wanted to do the same! I don`t know if my facts are as entertaining and fun to read as hers, but I sure hope so:)

1: I am a little addicted to bad fantasy-series, and have always been. When I was a kid I loved Sabrina the teenage Witch, Charmed, Xena and Sinband.. All the shows with the worst plots and the worst visual effects.. And I`m a real sucker for that stuff. As long as its fantasy!

2: I have secretly made a shop-stop resolution this year, didn`t want to post it all over, cause I think it should be a normal thing to do in this over-consuming culture we live in.. Anyway, its going fine! No problem, I have too much clothes I never wear anyway!

3: I haven`t touched my camera for like 6 months. And  as much as I would like to be "a photographer in the making", Im actually really enjoying the break! hah! And I never will be a photographer. That`s a good thing! Because:

4: I pick up hobbies waay too easy, Im like a little kid.
 "Now I like computer games, no wait! I like painting! No! wait! I like running! Oooh, but I really really like fashion, and outfits and photography and tumblr and knitting and origami, and and and.."
Yeah you get the point.. The only things things Ive stuck with is music, drawing and writing..

5: I love love animals, and would like to have a cuddle-farm in the countryside.. Where kids could come to cuddle cute animals!! Wee!

6: I am very sociable and loud in the right crowd, but could very well be a little quiet and thoughtful. I need to recharge my batteries with some alone-time if I`ve been "over-socializing"..

7:Sometimes I just move clutter around instead of cleaning. I move it somewhere I cant see it...

8: I just love the imagination! Just imagine(ba-tsh!) what we use it for in a day! We wake up, imagine how the day will be. We hear a joke or a story from a friend, and imagine it happening, laughing at it and recognizing the feelings from a story. Just because we are able to imagine we are able to connect and create everything! (yeah, and I get really philosophic, really easily..Haha maybe too easily! )


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