Forty Facts

Stole this list from Maja Huse , her blog is so inspiring! 

1. How old will you be in five years? Thirty-one. (oi)
2. With whom did you spend at least two hours today? Kjetil, my bearded dear-ie-oh!
3. How tall are you? ca 180 centimeters, or 5´11″
4. What was the last movie you saw?  Castaway on the moon! Lovely lovely lovely
5. Who did you call most recently? I called my own phone from Kjetil`s phone, to find it this morning, does that count? 
6.What did it say in the last SMS you got? Dinner invite from my mom and aunt:) Thanks! 
7. Do you prefer calling or texting?  Texting, but I`d rather you show up on my doorstep. 
8. Are your parents together or split up? My father passed away in January, they were very much together 
9. When did you last see your parents?  I saw my mom last sunday!  
10. What colour are your eyes?  Blue
11. When did you wake up today? 09:00
12. What’s your favourite place?  Økstrafjorden. The fjord at our family`s summer house. It is heaven on earth.

13. Where do you think you’ll be in ten years? I would like to have traveled a lot, met many new people. And just be content. That is it
14. What used to scare you most as a child? I used to have a nightmare about a witch that was going to make her lion eat me. I had it over and over for may years. Stressful. 
15. Lately, what made you laugh uncontrollably?  Kory DeSoto`s videosomg

16. What do you wear to bed? Tshirt or tank top
17. Where have you lived? Randaberg, Skien, Oslo, Stavanger, Gjøvik! 
18. Do you prefer shoes, socks or bare feet?  Socks, but not if I`m warm! 
19. Are you a social person? Yes and no. I love to be around friends and family. But I also love to be by myself and just be!
20. Favorite ice cream? Pistachio or/and chocolate! 
21. Do you like Chinese food? YASS
22. Do you like coffee? YASS please
23. Do you sleep in a special way? Yes, Always on my tummy, holding one or both arms around the pillow. If I cant sleep like this I will sleep very poorly, haha! 
24. Do you know how to play poker?  No
25. Do you want kids?  Not really. But it might change someday!  
26. Have you ever been in an ambulance? Yes! In Estonia! (I broke my collar bone)
27. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? The ocean.
28. On what do you spend the most money?  I guess food, and living expenses. Anything I manage to save, I use on musical stuff. I should probably save it. 
29. What’s your favourite TV show?  I love Game Of Thrones! And recently, Parks And Rec, so silly and weird! love it! 

30. Who’s the funniest person you know?  Oh, so many levels of funny. I don`t know! Sorry! 
31. What’s your ring tone?  The standard Piano riff on iphone. It is horrible, and I jump everytime it rings! Its so loud. (that is why I almost always have it on silent) 
32. Do you have any garments from when you were a kid? I have a white polka dot dress with ruffles, I don`t know what to do with it! Don`t want to throw it out, don`t have anywhere to keep it! 
33. What thing do you have closest to you now that’s red? A microphone wire. 
34. Do you flirt a lot? Never have, never will. So bad at it! 
35. Do you know how to change the tires on a car?  I can say like Pippi: I have never tried that before, I`m sure I can! 
36. What was the last book you read?  Proffesor Hieronimus, Amalie Skram

37. Do you read the paper? No,I just read the headlines on sometimes. 
38. Do you sing in the car? I don´t have a car, but I sing in the shower!
39. Can you tango? Noo. 
40. Are you happy? Yes! 


  1. Åh, så trist med faren din - kondolerer veldig.

    Jeg foretrekker også sokker, og jeg er nesten aldri varm - så alltid! Haha, jeg også MÅ ligge på siden for å få sove :) Hm, Parks And Rec skal sjekkes ut! Likte den siste, og for en fin liste. 1,80 er jo en bra høyde da, for når jeg har møtt mennesker jeg har blitt kjent med via bloggen, har jeg blitt så overraska over at de er så mye lavere enn meg. Du er jo faktisk høyere, så om jeg skal møte deg, kommer ikke det overraskende på iallefall :D Tror jeg liker han Kjetil, forresten. Han høres veldig bra ut!

  2. Kondolerer masse med pappen din. Min pappa døde for 11 år siden. Men det var veldig morsomme svar på lista. Ikke slike kjedelige svar, men svar med litt personlighet i seg - om du skjønner? haha.

  3. Finfin liste - stjeler den en dag til uken tror jeg ;)


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