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For me this is a big step out of my headspace! I am that kind of person who exist inside my mind most of the time, and forget I have a physical body to take care of. I also forget that habits and sentiments are often not projected into this world, unless I actually take action!

What I´m trying to say is, I need tangible things for me to attach this project to. Things for me to do, that will change the way i think and feel about myself and perfectionism!

My goals for this project: 

- Make TEN youtube videos the following months! (May- August)
- Write and publish a short story
- Share in my social medias things that I have on my mind, directly.
 (this one might need some getting used to!)
- Start running again.

The results for me hopefully will be :

- Daring to be more open, inspired by Snapkollektivet again (lots of love, girls)
- Challenge myself to grow out of my comfort zone!
- Explore my passions, and hopefully inspire others to do the same!
- Being more in touch with reality, the people in my life, getting out of my own head a little!
- Learning that scary things may not be dangerous!

Im looking forward to this journey!

Q: What would you do to challenge yourself to get out of the comfort zone? :) 


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